Rex Regum Qeon, Nigma Galaxy Qualifies for the Mobile Challenge Round in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series

Fellow Philippine teams, Rex Regum Qeon & Nigma Galaxy Qualified for the Mobile Challenge round in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series to represent the MSPB region.

The ESL Snapdragon Pro Seres open finals playoffs for the Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Brunei (MSPB) region concluded with a thrilling best-of-7 series between Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) and Nigma Galaxy (NGX) with the Kings of Kings, RRQ coming out on top of the 4-3 match.

Credits to ESL Asia’s Facebook Page

Philippine teams RRQ and NGX will represent the MSPB region and will be moving on to the Mobile Challenge Round where they will battle it out with the best-of-the best from other regions namely: Team Flash (VN), Cerberus Esports (VN), EVOS Esports (TH), Buriram United Esports (TH), ECHO Fortius (ID), & Persis Esports (ID). The top teams of the Mobile Challenge round will fly to Thailand for the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series Grand Finals.

The Road to the Open Finals Grand Finals

The MSPB Open Finals playoffs were played in a best-of-5 double elimination format with the grand finals in a best-of-7 series. Four teams made it to the playoffs: Nigma Galaxy, LF Org, SGP, and RRQ after Fennel, Sem9, Phantom6, and Grindsky were eliminated in the group stage.

The playoffs opener saw the clash of Nigma Galaxy versus LF Org. Fans were anticipating the match-up between the two young BR laners, Nigma’s Chammy and LF Org’s Karl1. Nigma Galaxy’s macro proved to be too strong from the veterans of LF Org. They sent LF Org to the lower bracket where they faced SGP who lost 3-1 to RRQ in the upper bracket.

The upper bracket finals saw region favorites Nigma Galaxy face RRQ with an exciting match-up between junglers Juschie and Chazz. The two behemoths did not disappoint as both teams took the series to a game 5 where RRQ came out on top to keep their win streak alive and sent NGX to the lower bracket finals.

Credits to ESL Asia’s Facebook Page

The lower bracket semifinals between LF Org and SGP was a shocker to fans because nobody expected the match to enter a game 5 with most, favoring the Philippine team, LF Org. However, SGP’s team fights and aggression overpowered LF Org’s great individual mechanics and took the 5th game after 23 minutes. SGP moved to the lower bracket finals to face Nigma Galaxy but NGX easily took down the only Singaporean team in the open finals with a 3-0 victory to earn their ticket for a rematch with RRQ in the grand finals.

NGX vs RRQ Rematch

The grand finals gave fans a lot of exciting moments. In game 1, NGX took the early lead with a 10,000 gold lead but RRQ was fiercely fought back and took game 1 into the late game where the last clash saw Helios’ Kassadin burst 3 members of NGX and eventually, NGX’s nexus. In game 2, RRQ made sure to ban the Kassadin while they were on the red side. Chazz on Wukong allowed RRQ to have a good engagement with Hide’s Olaf and Helios’ Zed cleaning the teamfight and aced NGX to get that 2-0 under 12 minutes.

On the red side once again for game 3, RRQ continued to prioritize banning Yuumi, Kassadin, and Morgana but NGX went for a composition that could counter RRQ’s draft to take their first win of the series.Juschie’s Vi countered Chazz’s Lee Sin and Demonkite’s signature Vayne pick was partnered with Dr4w’s Lulu and became an unstoppable force against RRQ’s tanky champions – Sett and Galio.

The fight was close in game 4 until a clash at the dragon pit where Chammy’s Olaf managed to take down the support and mid of RRQ. This paved the way for NGX to claim the baron and make the power push that they needed to tie the series 2-2. With an open Yuumi, RRQ grabbed the opportunity to use the magical cat in game 5 where it became a key factor, together with Chazz’s Kha’six to grab the match point in the best-of-7 series. However, NGX fired back once again in game 6 with a diving draft of Tryndamere, Morgana, Riven, Karma, and Galio to force a game 7.

In the series clincher, Helios’ Diana shined with an early 3-0 making him virtually untouchable in the rest of the game. In the last few minutes, Helios eliminated the mid laner and dragon laner of NGX while the rest of the RRQ members caught the jungler and the baron laner so the team can march their way to NGX’s nexus and crowning themselves champions of the MSPB open finals.

Wild Rift fans can catch Nigma Galaxy and Rex Regum Qeon in the Mobile Challenge Round starting next week in ESL Asia social media channels.