Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double with Kelly Welt & Lhea

Pokemon Unite fans rejoice! Another version of Team Rocket is coming to the Globe Gamer Grounds Influencer Challenge as Kelly Welt & Lhea invite fans to play Pokemon Unite with them on August 26, 2022. Don’t forget to REGISTER AND JOIN NOW!

Are you Team Kelly or Team Lhea?

Participants will be randomly selected to join the match and slotted into either Kelly Welt or Lhea’s team. Each team will then compete against each other to battle it out in Remoat Stadium. After the match, MVPs will be awarded a total of 12,000 Ember Points for them to spend in the Ember Store. A total of 20 MVPs stand to win prizes so get your game on and join us in this awesome tournament!

How this works:

  1. Create a team for yourself on the Member’s Hub Platform and link your Pokemon Unite account in your Account Settings.
  2. Join the challenge before it closes and follow the event stream. The stream will be live before the event starts!
  3. Head on to the community Discord for the check in at 7.30 PM GMT+8 and standby for any announcements.
  4. Once you’ve checked-in, your name will be submitted into a random draw.
  5. Wait to see if you’re selected – 6 lucky participants will be selected for every match.
  6. If you’re selected, the admin will invite you to the lobby. So lookout for the announcement on the community Discord.
  7. If you didn’t get selected, wait for the current match to be done, and you may be picked next. So follow the stream!


  • Check In Time: 7.30 PM to 8.00 PM GMT+8 (Check In will be done in Member’s Hub community Discord. Claim your Roles at #roles-channel to view the Game Channel / Tournament Channel for event announcements).
  • Registration Close: 15 minutes before the start of the event @ 7.45 PM GMT+8.
  • Event Start Time : 8.00 PM GMT+8* (The matches will be run via Rolling Schedule).
  • *All final details will be provided in the Member’s Hub community Discord Tournament channel.

Tournament Format

  • 1+3 v 1+3 Single Elimination Bo1/Bo3 (Check tournament description)
  • Lobby Mode: Standard (Friendly Match)
  • Map: Remoat Stadium
  • Platform: Mobile (Android and iOS)/Nintendo Switch

Don’t be afraid to show who’s the very best and join the Globe Gamer Grounds Influencer Challenge with Kelly Welt and Lhea!


Register Here:

Event Link: CLICK HERE

Discord: (Check in to confirm attendance will start at 7:30pm)