MPL-PH Week 5 Recap: Race to Playoffs

Some teams shined while some teams struggled. It’s a race to the playoffs as MPL-PH S10 entered its second round of the regular season.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 10 entered its second half of the regular season.  All eight teams are fighting to enter the playoffs to get a chance to take home the MPL-PH championship and represent the Philippines in the upcoming M4 World Championship. After week 5, Blacklist International stands strong in first rank while not too far behind are ONIC Philippines, RSG Philippines, and Omega Esports who are all tied for second rank.

Week 5 Day 1

  • Match 1: RSG vs OMG (2-0)
    • The rematch between the kings of the SEA saw the MSC 2022 champions complete their revenge against the MSC 2021 champion squad from their initial bout in the first round. RSG Philippines opened round 2 with a clean 2-0 versus Omega Esports. Light and Aqua showed their prowess in their respective roles and created the plays that placed them on top of “Barangay Omega.”
  • Match 2: NXPE vs BLCK (0-2)
    • Nexplay EVOS’ surprise of fielding Batute or more commonly known as “AkoSiDogie” for the first time in season 10 could not stop the royal team from bulldozing their way into this series. Ohmyv33nus’ Faramis proved very lethal and critical against NXPE because he managed to save his team from NXPE’s aggression multiple times. In Game 2 alone, Ohmyv33nus garnered 18 assists to complete the sweep against the neon tigers.

Week 5 Day 2

  • Match 1: BREN vs ONIC (2-1)
    • Now on a reverse trajectory, ONIC Philippines suffered its second straight loss against a rising Bren Esports. The former boys of Monster Anarchy (now ONIC) shattered Bren in game 1. While it was a tight battle between the two teams with star rookies, ultimately it was Kyletzy’s crucial plays that forced a game 3 and ultimately won the series for Bren Esports with a nostalgic Lancelot play from the jungler of Bren.
  • Match 2: TNC vs NXPE (1-2)
    • Nexplay EVOS finally broke their losing streak with a convincing win against TNC Pro Team. The Phoenix Army showed grit during game 1 and dominated against their opponent but NXPE managed to bounce back in game 2. In the end of the series, MPL legend YellyHaze took the helm and led his team to victory and managed to increase their points to 8.
  • Match 3: BLCK vs OMG (1-2)
    • It was feared that OMG would mirror what happened during their first meet with BLCK in round 1 where BLCK made two consecutive comebacks to sweep Omega Esports. After game 1 where BLCK did make a comeback, it started to look like this. However, Omega Esports refocused themselves to where they are strong – the late game. Thanks to Raizen and Kelra’s power plays, Omega Esports was able to execute polished late game engages against Blacklist International to reverse the outcome of the series.

Week 5 Day 3

  • Match 1: TNC vs BREN (1-2)
    • Bren Esports continued its winstreak with a reverse sweep against TNC Pro Team. TNC managed to challenge Bren Esports in game 1 but came short come game 2 and 3 as Bren Esports captain and MPL veteran, Pheww, led his team to victory through his familiar plays and winning ways.
  • Match 2: ONIC vs ECHO (1-2)
    • ECHO extended the lose streak of ONIC Philippines after they secured a crucial series against them. It was another reverse sweep as legendary jungler, Karltzy, whipped out his signature Lancelot in game 3 to wreak havoc against ONIC Philippines. However, ECHO are still behind ONIC in the rankings as ECHO ended week 5 with 14 points and ONIC at 15 points.

Unfortunately for TNC and NXPE, they have not moved up a rank since last week. Both teams remain in 8th and 7th place respectively and are in danger of not entering the playoffs. On the other end, it’s a tight race between the top 6 of the league. One match could alter the entire top 6 ranking completely and each match is getting more competitive than ever. The league highlighted Omega Esports’ Kelra as the MVP of the week after two matches where he showed he was perfectly capable of carrying his team to victory during crucial teamfights and sieges.

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