MPL-PH S10 Week 6 Recap: Too Close for Comfort

ONIC Philippines reclaims the top spot from Blacklist International after week 6 of MPL-PH Season 10.

Another weekend has passed for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines and the Top 6 rankings have never been this close. A lot of people are saying that this is by far the most exciting and unpredictable MPL-PH season yet. After week 6, ONIC Philippines returned to the top of the team standings with 21 points followed by ECHO (20 points), Blacklist International (19 points), RSG Philippines (17 points), Omega Esports (17 points), Bren Esports (16 points), Nexplay EVOS (8 points), and TNC Pro Team (8 points).

Credits to MPL Philippines Facebook

Week 6 Day 1

  • Match 1: TNC vs RSG (1-2)
    • In a quest to salvage their season and find their way to playoffs, TNC scored an impressive game 1 win against RSG. However they fell short as RSG fought their way in game 2 to force a game 3 against TNC. In game 3, Demonkite unleashed the wrath of his Karina and got his very first savage in the MPL-PH to take the match against the Phoenixes.
  • Match 2: ECHO vs BREN (2-0)
    • Fans were anticipating the match up between Karltzy and Kyletzy however, in a bold move, Bren fielded Flaptzy to go up against his former comrade. In game 1, it was a really close fight but ECHO strategized a surprise backdoor play to end the game against Bren that caught them off guard while they were distracted in a Lord fight. In game 2, ECHO powered through Bren Esports with the help of Bennyqt’s Beatrix and completed their sweep.

Week 6 Day 2

  • Match 1: NXPE vs ONIC (0-2)
    • ONIC Philippines ended their losing streak with their match against Nexplay EVOS. They swept their opponents with ONIC’s rookies showing stellar performances and clean executions. ONIC’s Der and Nets stepped up in both game 1 and 2 to secure 3 points in this match.
  • Match 2: OMG vs ECHO (0-2)
    • The team of ECHO continued to shine with an impressive win against Omega Esports. Karltzy showed that he is still one of, if not the best jungler in the Philippines when he led ECHO to win against Omega. ECHO mounted a comeback in game 1 while ECHO dominated game 2 with Karltzy’s Julian.
  • Match 3: BREN vs BLCK (2-1)
    • Bren Esports bounced back from their loss against ECHO by breaking the code of Blacklist International. Kyletzy helped Bren to capture the game 1 victory while OhMyV33NUS’s Mathilda forced a decider between the two teams. In game 3, captain Pheww stepped up to secure Bren’s win.

Week 6 Day 3

  • Match 1: RSG vs ONIC (0-2)
    • ONIC Philippines became the first team to secure their spot in the playoffs when they swept the defending champions, RSG Philippines. For this match, ONIC’s Rapidoot and Sensui were the ones who showed off their skills and brought the raiders to a 0-2 win.
  • Match 2: OMG vs TNC (2-1)
    • It was a crucial match for TNC because they were on the brink of being out for playoff contention. They secured an important game 1 victory and lived to see another day for their playoff bid. However, Omega Esports fired back in game 2 and 3 for a reverse sweep with the help of KielVJ’s Lylia.

The standings for the Top 6 have been a game of musical chairs for the past weeks. This shows the extreme competitiveness of this MPL-PH season. ONIC Philippines impresses the world with their performance in their first ever MPL-PH season. Meanwhile, ECHO, under the new tutelage of Coach Tictac, continues to show a strong regular season performance with an 8-2 match win-loss. Blacklist International isn’t invincible anymore but they are still the strong force that intimidated the world. RSG Philippines still has a few quirks to fix to be able to defend their crown. Omega Esports need to find the perfect mix of players to bring them to the playoffs while Bren Esports continue to rise as the underdogs of this tournament. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team are still on the brink of not entering the playoffs. They need to improve their standings with only two weeks left of the regular season.

Week 7 is an exciting week as all games are crucial and every point counts. One mistake could affect the overall standings in a flash. MPL-PH Season 10 is live every Friday-Sunday on their official Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.