List: PH Imports in the ML:BB Scene

Different ML:BB esports teams have started importing Philippine esports athletes which shows the world-class talents and skills of Filipino esports players.

Philippine professional esports athletes are truly world-class. The Philippines is the undisputed region when it comes to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is the home of the champions. Teams from the Philippines have consistently topped all major international and regional tournaments in the past two years. The Filipinos have won the MSC 2018 (Aether Main), M2 World Championship (Bren Esports), MSC 2021 (Execration), M3 World Championship (Blacklist International), & MSC 2022 (RSG Philippines). The Philippines also took home the back-to-back gold medals for the 2019 SEA Games and the 2021 SEA Games for MLBB. 

It’s no surprise that other regions have started to import some of the Philippines’ great players to further strengthen their own teams. After the last MSC 2022, a lot of teams in regions like Indonesia and Malaysia have shaken up their rosters by importing Filipino players. There are also countries like Mongolia and Cambodia that have taken up Filipinos in their squads. 

Here is a list of all the Filipino players who have taken up the challenge overseas:


Credits to Kairi’s Facebook Page

Kairi & Coach Yeb (Onic)

Kairi was the first to be announced in the wave of Filipino imports. The dissolving of the former ONIC Philippines roster came as a shock to the world and fans wondered where each of the members would be heading. A few days after the confirmation of the entire season 9 team leaving ONIC Philippines, rumors flew that Kairi will be bringing his talents to Indonesia together with Coach Yeb to the headquarters of Onic Esports. Onic Esports confirmed this through a press conference days later.

Credits to Arcadia’s YouTube Page

Coach Arcadia (RRQ Hoshi)

A lot of fans were heartbroken when Coach Arcadia stepped down as the head coach of ECHO. He called the team his home for many seasons but according to him, it was time for a new challenge and that is to be part of the coaching staff of the best team in Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi. Coach Arcadia continues to update his followers of his new adventures through his YouTube channel.

Credits to Bigetron’s YouTube Page

Markyyyyy (Bigetron)
Bigetron is seeking a championship in MPL Indonesia and they brought in veteran gold-laner Markyyy to the squad. Fans will really be looking forward to the matches of Indonesians with Filipino players like Markyyyyy.

Credits to EVOS Esports’ YouTube Page

Dlar (EVOS)

A lot of speculation was made as to where Dlar would end up. He was branded as the “general” of his previous team and he was one of the players that led the former Onic Philippines squad to their runner-up finish in the last M3 World Championship. Ultimately, EVOS Esports from Indonesia announced that Dlar would be taking up their jersey and head to MPL Indonesia.

Credits to Geek Fam’s YouTube Page

Baloyskie & Hadess (Geek Fam)

The former captain of Onic Philippines, Baloyskie, and former ECHO player, Hadess were acquired by Geek Fam. A lot of fans were trying to guess what team Baloyskie would fall under. It took a while before these players were announced before it was confirmed. Hadess was the latest to be announced last August 16. 

Coach Flysolo (Pabz Esports)

Flysolo joins the wave of coaches sent to Indonesia. Previously part of ECHO, Flysolo is now planning to improve and develop Pabs Esports, a team in MDL Indonesia.


Credits to Team SMG’s Facebook Page

Hate (Team SMG)

Hate joins Team SMG as the first Filipino in MPL Malaysia. Since the start of the 10th season of MPL Malaysia, Hate has been applauded by a lot of spectators as he was hailed as MVP twice in his first week in the league. 

Coach Raizen (Suhaz Esports)

Coach Raizen was the previous head coach of Z4 Esports. He was picked up by Suhaz Esports to lead the team’s campaign towards the MPL Malaysia championship. Suhaz Esports was the 3rd placer in MPL Malaysia Season 9.


Credits to Burn x Flash’s Facebook Page

Coach Zico, MP the King & Hesa (Burn x Flash)

Former Nexplay EVOS members Coach Zico, MP the King, and Hesa packed their bags and flew to Cambodia to lead the team Burn x Flash to the championship of MPL Cambodia.


Credits to Positive Gaming’s Facebook Page

Iy4knu (Positive Gaming)

MPL-PH veteran Iy4knu shocked fans as he was announced as a member of a Mongolian team, Positive Gaming. He is the first Filipino player to join a Mongolian team. According to their Facebook page, they left Mongolia and moved to Turkey in 2021 but now, the team is currently in the Philippines for their bootcamp. 

Teams around the world are noticing the excellence in Filipino gamers. Imports to international teams are a good sign of the evolving esports industry in the Philippines and how the country can produce top tier professional esports athletes. These players truly make the nation proud and this is only the beginning.