Globe Celebrates Globe Gamer Grounds Launch and More at GG Well Played 2022

There is a new community gaming and esports authority dropping in for gamers in the Philippines and some of the industries most notorious players are jumping into the action!

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022 Globe Telecom is kicking off a massive media gathering to announce a variety of incredible gamer-centric programs as part of their GG, Well Played 2022 Media Event, including influencer engagements, presentations, virtual hangouts and, of course, pulse-pumping tournaments hosted on our new Globe Gamer Grounds (GGG) community gaming and esports hub.

What’s Happening at the GG Well Played Media Event

Globe has partnered up with some of the gaming industry’s brightest talent to pack an event full of gaming tournaments, product launches and showcases, gaming industry career experiences and more!


The event starts with a morning of media exclusives, followed by a flurry of keynotes and demos on April 27, 2022, including:

  1. Introduction and walk-through of the Globe Gamer Grounds community and esports gaming hub
  2. Unveiling of the GG Well Played Facebook Community
  3. Pokemon Unite and Genshin Impact Event Demos on the GGG Hub
  4. One-on-one interviews with the GG Well Played team and a special performance by a secret music artist!

What Tournaments Are Being Held on the GGG Gaming Hub

We will be packing a calendar full of daily events and tournaments for more than 25 of your favourite AAA competitive and community gaming titles like: Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, CS:GO, Genshin Impact and many more, but our launch week will feature demos for Pokemon Unite and Genshin Impact.

Then, in May, we’ll have influencer special 1v1 tournaments, open invite 5v5s where you and your team can earn points and redeem prizes in our Ember Store – even a point bonus just for signing up and showing up to play!

How Do I Join and Participate on the Globe Gamer Grounds Gaming Hub

Make sure you’re game-ready by signing up for the Globe Gamer Grounds community gaming and esports hub today by clicking here to register.

Definitely get into our GGG Discord server and introduce yourself to our dedicated team of mods and tournament organizers too.

From there, make sure you bookmark this site and check in on the hub every day to see what new tournaments, challenges, events and rewards are available!

We’ve put a whole lot of love into the new destination for gamers with the Globe Gamer Grounds hub and we know you’ll have an amazing time meeting like-minded gamers in a positive, toxicity-free, moderated and safe environment.

That, after all, is what gaming for good is all about!

See you in the lobby.