How to become a true champion (or feel like one) in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment's legendary champion-based battle royale action shooter pits teams of two or three in a last-team-standing winner-take-all rumble.

With seasonal content drops, more challenges than you can throw an Arc Star at and a steady stream of new and unique (yet somehow balanced) champions, Apex Legends keeps players coming back to win in one of the original big-business battle royal titles.

Made by Respwn (Titanfall) and published by Electronic Arts, players can choose from dozens of characters, weapons, armour and throw-ables while somehow managing to maintain balance and push against the typical ‘meta’ model that most other BR type games tend to favour.

50 players in either Duos or Trios brackets hunt and shut down the competition until only one squad remains victorious. What makes Apex different from the others is the sense of mobility, tracking and chase-focus, variety of champions, weapons and team comps and rotation of maps with incredible verticality!

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