Philippines and Indonesia Clash in the First Round of the IESF WEC ML:BB Playoffs

Last November 14, 2022, the International Esports Federation (IESF) released the playoffs bracket for 14th IESF World Esports Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang where the top 8 teams from around the world will compete in Bali, Indonesia from December 3-11, 2022 including the Philippines.

Last November 14, 2022, the International Esports Federation (IESF) released the playoffs bracket for 14th IESF World Esports Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang where the top 8 teams from around the world will compete in Bali, Indonesia from December 3-11, 2022 including the Philippines. The eight nations competing for the lion’s share of the 100,000 USD prize pool are Cambodia, Namibia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Slovenia, Argentina, Philippines, and Indonesia (host country).

The Philippines is considered as one of the top contenders for the IESF WEC Bali 2022 together with strong MLBB nations like Indonesia and Malaysia. The Sibol ML:BB lineup for the tournament is composed of the five main members of Blacklist International, who are the defending M3 World Champions plus two members from Maharlika Esports. 

Here’s the final lineup for the Team Sibol MLBB for IESF WEC Bali 2022:

  1. Jonmar Villaluna
  2. Salic Alauya Imam
  3. Danerie James Del Rosario
  4. Edward Jay Dapadap
  5. Joshua Kyle Villarde
  6. Kiel Calvin Soriano
  7. Kenneth Carl Tadeo

The playoffs are played in a double elimination format where all teams start at the upper bracket. All matches are a best-of-3 match except for the grand finals which will be played in best-of-5 format. For the first round, Cambodia will be against Namibia, Malaysia is pitted against Vietnam, while Europe champions Slovenia will be up against PANAM Open champions, Argentina, and finally, host country Indonesia will be against the Philippines. The match between Indonesia and Philippines is very anticipated and hyped up because they are considered the two of the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang countries in the world.

#KakalaroMoYan: The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship Debuts with over $31,000 Prize Pool

Join the new generation of Filipino esports athletes through The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship featuring the top mobile games in the country: PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Qualifiers start on November 21.

Three of the most popular mobile game titles in the Philippines will be part of The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship (TGGC) namely PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Call of Duty: Mobile with qualifiers happening as soon as the third week of November for PUBG Mobile and ML:BB. The Call of Duty: Mobile tournament will start around December 2022. TGGC has announced that the total prize pool across the tournament is at a staggering $31,000 (USD) Cash + $25,000 (USD) Equivalent Ember Points.

The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship aims to provide opportunities to amateur and semi-professional mobile gamers to rise to the occasion and showcase their talents and skills to the world. This is brought to you by Globe GGWP and Ember Philippines.

Take the first step and form your teams now!

#WeGotYou: TGGC Supports Philippine Gamers From All Around The Country

Call your friends, your family, your schoolmates, your workmates, or anybody and take a chance at The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship. It is an open tournament that’s happening all online. This could be your first step to entering esports and be able to show everyone what you and your team can do. Don’t be scared and challenge yourself like nothing ever before. There are cash and Ember points prizes from the qualifiers to the knockouts until the grand finals.

All you have to do is start by registering at the Globe Gamer Grounds platform:

The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship: PUBG Mobile

The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship for PUBG Mobile starts its qualifiers on November 21. There will be four weekly qualifiers where 24 teams will head to the knockout stage. From the knockout stage, 15 teams will proceed to the grand finals.

Register now through the links below:

Nov 21 – TGGC PUBG MOBILE Qualifier #1

Nov 28 – TGGC PUBG MOBILE Qualifier #2

Dec 5 – TGGC PUBG MOBILE Qualifier #2

Dec 12 – TGGC PUBG MOBILE Qualifier #2

Note: Teams can participate in multiple qualifiers as long as they do not proceed to the next stage

The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starts its qualifiers on November 23. There will be four weekly qualifiers where 32 teams will head to the knockout stage. From the knockout stage, 12 teams will proceed to the grand finals.

Register now through the links below:

Nov 23 – TGGC MLBB Qualifier #1:

Nov 30 – TGGC MLBB Qualifier #2

Dec 7 – TGGC MLBB Qualifier #3

Dec 14 – TGGC MLBB Qualifier #4

Note: Teams can participate in multiple qualifiers as long as they do not proceed to the next stage

#KakalaroMoYan: A Transformative Campaign

As an esports tournament platform, TGGC wants everybody to know that there is a future in competitive video gaming through their campaign #KakalaroMoYan. Originally a phrase that could be taken negatively because of the stigma against gaming, TGGC transformed “Kakalaro Mo ‘Yan” to a positive connotation where it promotes the growth of teams and individuals through esports. Be part of the new generation of esports athletes and join The Globe Gamer Grounds Championship.

We are Globe Gamer Grounds… and this is Our Story

Early 2020 since when the COVID-19 pandemic started. But as a gamer, I said, “Nah, I know I’ll make it. I’m a gamer. I’ll survive even if they lock us down. I have a lot of video games here to play and enjoy while staying at home.” But over time, this turned into a tough challenge– a challenge that tested my mental strength so much it made me recount the good times and good feelings when I am able to meet people face-to-face. I felt alone… and scared. Computer shops where gamers would usually hang out were forced to close, and LAN events had to be halted as well. Which is of course, understandable. It’s all for everyone’s safety. But the streets were almost empty as if it was the apocalypse you would see in movies or in games. So I tried to look for ways to find people online– to play with, and do gaming activities online.

I’m glad Globe Gamer Grounds (GGG) was conceptualized through joint forced with Globe and Swarmio Media. I not only became a part of the team, but also became a member of the community as well. And this is where it all began…

With GGG, finding playmates through their Discord server made it easy for players to chat with other players who have similar interests and game of choice. Not only players were able to talk about the games they love to play, but they were able so able to display their competitiveness through the daily online tournaments held in the Globe Gamer Grounds platform. Game titles included ranges from mobile games, to PC, and console games, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, DotA2, Tekken7, Valorant, and even web3 games like Axie Infinity. Here, players not only enjoy the daily activities, but also get rewarded with prizes from either winning or by participating. Small-scale to medium-scale, even to big-scale events are held! While most are held online, Globe Gamer Grounds did not miss out showing their presence on onsite events as LAN events resume. This community offers a lot for a gamer like you and me– being a part of something, having a say and being recognized as someone who belongs to the kind of community we feel home and we are very passionate about.

As a member of this growing community, there are more stories to tell on how the Globe Gamer Grounds started, and braced through the challenging times of transition from the pandemic to getting back to the normal– the resume of LAN events.

Start of Operations

It was early in 2022, when we started our operations. Everything was from the ground up, including getting the interest of gamers to discover and join the community. But of course, if not for the Philippine’s major telco provider, Globe, the launch wouldn’t be as successful. Last April 27, Globe hosted a Globe GG Party Media Exclusive Event at the Versus Barcade in BGC, Taguig where Globe Gamer Grounds was officially revealed.

Globe GG Party Media Exclusive Event - Photo credits to:

In Globe Gamer Grounds, we offer different game titles that can be played online as part of lineup for tournaments. Titles like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Apex Legends Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Tekken7, DotA2, even web3 game Axie Infinity, and many other game titles are supported in our platform.

Connecting players with Gaming Influencers

But of course, it’s not just about hosting online tournaments for the players. In Globe Gamer Grounds, we also setup ways for community members with their favorite gaming influencers. Thus, the collaboration with well-known gaming influencers in the Philippines that made the players more engaged and excited.

Influencers like Frincess, Donnn, Kay Ann Monsalve, Dannica Suazo, Aningning, and big names like Cherizawa, Kelly Welt, Lhea Bernardino, and even well-known Blacklist International Mobile Legends players, dedicated their time and gaming passion with the Globe Gamer Grounds communities by guesting in some of our online tournaments and events, both online and onsite. Community members and players were able to have a chat and form some interaction with them.

Here, you can watch the livestream recap of the Influencer Challenge we had with Blacklist International Mobile Legends players:

Watch the highlights from the Influencer Challenge event with Blacklist International Mobile Legends players:

I myself also got the opportunity to interview the young passionate players of Blacklist International after the fun they had at the Influencer Challenge.

Partnerships with other communities

Because gaming is all about communities, we also partnered with different gaming communities in hosting their tournaments using our Globe Gamer Grounds platform and assisting them with the Prize Pool sponsorship.

Source: Ember Philippines Facebook page

The Holy Grail Infinity Cup Mobile Legends tournament is just one of the many events we collaborated with different gaming communities. This particular event boasted a huge amount of 135,000 Ember Points as prize pool.

If you don’t know yet, Ember Points is the currency used by Globe Gamer Grounds to reward players who win tournaments or events from our platform. These points can be used to buy ML Diamonds, Garena Free Fire Diamonds, Xbox Memberships, PUBG Mobile UC, Steam Wallet Codes, and many more cool exciting things in our Store in the future.

If you think we only hold small-scale tournaments and events… Nope! Because we also hold medium-to-large scale events such as the (1) gBattle Zone event for Mobile Legends and Valorant with PHP 750,000 prize pool, (2) Pokemon Unite PH Invitationals with PHP 50,000 prize pool, (3) PUBGM Philippine City Tournament (PMCT) in partnership with PUBGM Philippines Esports, (4) NusaFun Campus Battle, (5) Rocket League Junior Tournament in cooperation with Rocket League Philippines (RLPH), (6) The Gamer Grounds Championship for Mobile Legends, PUBGM, and CODM (soon), (7)  Valorant tournament in partnership with Mineski VxV that boasts a total of PHP 250,000 tournament prize poo and many others that was held onsite and online. And, can I just say there will be more to come?

The Gamers Ground Raffles Fiesta

Currently ongoing still is the raffle we have for the community. Because community building doesn’t revolve alone around tournaments, we wanted to reward our growing community some chance to receive additional variety of prizes that are not found on the Store (yet). Thus, we initiated the Raffle Fiesta event where community can get rewarded with Ember Points, Gaming Keyboard, PS5, Gaming Headset, and CPU set. In fact, there are a few more days left for you to join until the end of November 2022.

Click here to join The Gamers Ground Raffles Fiesta.

Along with this, we keep track of our community growth through the Followers Milestone on Facebook. We want our community members to be rewarded as we also grow together. With this event, lucky participants from the community are rewarded with Gcash load, Ember points, gaming mice, mobile phone, gaming earphones and airpods, and many other gaming peripherals.

Here is the latest capture from our Milestone Tracker.

Hype at DotA2 Battle Pass and The International 11

We also did not miss the chance to provide something fun for our DotA2 community, most especially during The International 11 event that happened last October 2022.

With this, we made DotA2 tournaments more frequent for our players to be able to grind more Ember points and redeem for Battle Pass. Likewise, Globe AT HOME Next Level Play event was also conducted to give opportunity for DotA2 players from our community in getting a chance to fly to The International 11 event in Singapore last October 2022.

DotA2 tournament in partnership with Globe AT HOME.

Here are some of the photos of the winners from our DotA2 5v5 event who who assisted in flying to Singapore for TI11. Congratulations! (Many would say, #SanaAll, including me).

Ember Troopers

Empowering our community members that they also can be a part of bigger things was also part of our may campaigns. With the Ember Troopers Campaign, community members who signed up for this are rewarded with Ember Points convertible to Gcash load. We are proud to share that our Ember Troopers were able to contribute massively to our growing community. And if you are interested to sign up, contribute and get rewarded with your efforts, you can use this link to sign up:

Presence in Gaming Conventions

As pandemic restrictions loosened up, we also took the opportunity to make a presence at two (2) of the largest gaming conventions in the Philippines– the CONQuest Festival 2022 last July 23 to 24 and at the ESGS 2022 last October 28-30, 2022. Of course, during these conventions, us hosting a tournament is a staple.

Here’s a video from Galawang Pinoy Gaming featuring our booth at the CONQuest Festival 2022:

ESGS 2022 gave our community even bigger results. After this event, we were able to grew our community with +3000 more members. You can read some more details about what has happened in this article, Globe Gamer Grounds grew with 3,000 new community members! – The ESGS 2022 Aftermath #ComebackIsReal.

Here’s a preview of how our booth looked like at the ESGS 2022.

It’s Not Just About Us

Gaming is not just about the us, not just about our community members, but inclusivity of all other communities. Thus, apart from the partnerships and collaborations we had with different entities, we also write articles for our community that gives them news and updates as to what’s happening in the Philippine esports and gaming communities across the nation. It’s good to be informed, ye?

Likewise, because the heroes in our community are the players themselves, they are our dear highlights for every montage video we create.

More To Come!

It’s only less than a year and we are happy to have gathered players alike who loves to be a part of a community like this– into collaboration, fun, and just growing together. Because the community inspires us, and the partners trust us, we continue be inspired to push more exciting idea and events in the coming future.

For you to learn more about Globe Gamer Grounds, you can follow the links below.

Blacklist International, ECHO Rally for the Philippines’ to the M4 World Championship

The two M4 World Championship teams representing the Philippines, Blacklist International and ECHO have revealed their worlds rosters. These two teams battled in the recently concluded MPL-PH grand finals last October 24, 2022 where Blacklist International defeated ECHO with a 4-2 victory.

Each team can bring up to seven players and two coaches. Blacklist International is back to defend their crown as the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the world after reclaiming their crown in the last Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL) Season 10. They have a total of three MPL-PH Championships and are one of the most decorated teams in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The team looking to make the never-before-feat of back-to-back champions is composed of: OhMyV33nus, Wise, Oheb, Edward, Hadji, DexStar, Eson, Coach BonChan, & Coach MastertheBasics.

Oheb was last year’s M3 Grand Finals MVP when Blacklist International was against ONIC Philippines. He delivered an amazing performance with his Beatrix and Clint. The M3 skin that Blacklist International chose was Estes, in honor of OhMyV33nus’s critical role in the team as captain and main shotcaller.

ECHO completes the two Philippine representatives in M4. They were initially doubted by viewers at the start of the 10th season of MPL-PH but they were able to prove themselves with both of their rosters winning matches left and right. They finished behind Blacklist International during the grand finals but not without putting up a good fight. This is the first time that most of the ECHO players will be heading to an international tournament. Their roster will be KarlTzy, Bennyqt, Yawi, Sanford, Sanji, Jaypee, KurtTzy, Coach Tictac, and Coach Trebor.

If fans would remember, Karltzy was a previous M series champion during M2 with Bren Esports. He also won that year’s finals MVP. His performance was recognized when Bren Esports chose to give their M2 skin to Lancelot in honor of Karltzy.

Sixteen teams from multiple regions around the world will be competing for the most prestigious Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports tournament. They are: Onic Esports, RRQ Hoshi, S11 Argentina, Malvinas Gaming, Team HAQ, TODAK, Blacklist International, ECHO, RRQ Akira, Burn x Flash, MDH Esports, Occupy Thrones, Falcon Esports, The Valley, RSG Singapore, and Incendio Supremacy.

The M4 World Championship will happen on January 1-15, 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The group stage will be held at XO Hall (MPL Arena) while the knockout stage and grand finals will be at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

Globe Gamer Grounds grew with 3,000 new community members! – The ESGS 2022 Aftermath #ComebackIsReal

The annually held Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2022 happened onsite again after two years due to the pandemic and lockdown. And it was timely that the campaign #ComebackIsReal was set. The event happened at the SMX Convention Center last October 28-31, 2022. As onsite activities resumed, ESGS 2022 came big by partnering with Globe, the major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines, as its Main Presentor. 

The Globe Gamer Grounds team came well-prepared for the comeback of this huge onsite event. Before the 3-day event, 3-day ESGS 2022 Passes and 10,000 Ember Points were given to twelve (12) lucky community members. Several activities in the booth were prepared for all Filipino gamers and esports fans, such as the Booth Selfie Event, where lucky participants won PHP 380 Gcash load + 10,000 Ember points each, and the Roulette Event, where all new community member signups got the chance of winning different merchandise from Globe Gamer Grounds tote bags, t-shirts, mouse mat, lanyard, Unipin codes, Ember points, Razer mouse, and Razer headsets. Major Raffles were held at every mid-day and end-of-the-day of the 3-day event, giving away 6 Razer products, from mice, headsets, and keyboards for each day.

Besides these booth activities, several onstage activities were held, like the King of the Hill and Play with the Stars. The King of the Hill was an activity that allowed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competitive players to prove themselves that they could beat everyone in the queue on a 1v1 matchup. While influencers Chelsea Reyes, Cherizawa, Totoy, and Boss Maw, took part in the Play with the Stars event challenging queued-up Mobile Legends players in a 1v1 competition. The crowd especially had so much fun when Cherizawa started throwing away freebies to the huge crowd.

Gaming personalities Myrtle Sarrosa and Mobile Legends “GOAT” Ribo of ZOL Esports also dropped by at the booth making the Globe Gamer Grounds booth surprisingly even more exciting. Ambassadors Dexty MN and Kutingg also came into cosplay and hung out with the community at the booth on the 3-day event.

The excitement did not stop for the gamers at the booth as it was made extra fun because of the Budots Dance Challenge. Community members, esports, and gaming fans happily joined the dance challenge on stage to win awesome Globe Gamer Grounds merchandise.

All-in-all, the #ComebackIsReal for ESGS 2022 as Globe Gamer Grounds successfully welcomed 3,000 new community members to join the tournament platform!

If you missed out on this onsite activity, sign up for an account to join online tournaments and our Discord server to chat with the community members.

MPL-PH Week 7 Recap: The Playoffs Teams Revealed

The teams who have made it to playoffs have been determined and two teams were left with no chance of making it anymore. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team are out of playoff contention due to their points while ECHO, Blacklist International, Omega Esports, ONIC Philippines, RSG Philippines, and Bren Esports have made it to playoffs.

The seventh week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) – Philippines was cut short due to Typhoon Karding. Week 7 Day 3 was postponed to a later date to give time for everyone to prepare for the storm. However, the first two days of week 7 gave the fans intense matches and tearful goodbyes. The teams who have made it to playoffs have been determined and two teams were left with no chance of making it anymore. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team are out of playoff contention due to their points while ECHO, Blacklist International, Omega Esports, ONIC Philippines, RSG Philippines, and Bren Esports have made it to playoffs. It is no longer possible for them to garner enough points to outseat any teams from the top 6.

Credits to MPL Philippines Facebook page

Week 7 Day 1

  • Match 1: ONIC vs BLCK (0-2)
    • Blacklist International has proven again that no team can beat them twice. Blacklist used their signature heroes for game one except for Edward when he surprised the world with the debut of his Lapu-Lapu in season 10 while ONIC also had a surprise pick with the Minotaur jungle. Game 1 was a back and forth push until the ultimate bonding experience (UBE) strategy of Blacklist got the best of ONIC. In game 2, Blacklist secured OhMyV33NUS’ Faramis and was able to dominate every lane and quickly ended the game to sweep ONIC and secure their playoffs spot. Hadji got both MVP for game 1 and 2 for his performances on Faramis and Valentina.
  • Match 2: NXPE vs OMG (1-2)
    • Nexplay EVOS was on the brink of elimination and Omega Esports was determined to make sure that NXPE would not enter the playoffs. In game 1, NXPE was able to show off their adjusted line-up for Omega as Elpizo’s Lolita and RENEJAY’s Masha secured crucial takedowns. In game 2, Omega quickly bounced back as they immediately banned the key heroes of Nexplay EVOS. NXPE was not able to bring the momentum of game 1 to game 2 and 3. Raizen’s Ling in game 3 was essential to close out Omega’s victory against Nexplay EVOS.

Week 7 Day 2

  • Match 1: BREN vs RSG (2-1)
    • Bren Esports made it back to the playoffs after their win against the defending champions, RSG Philippines. Captain Pheww picked up Kadita in game 1 and secured crucial fights against the raiders while Super Marco’s Melissa carried Bren Esports as well to claim the first game. RSG Philippines was able to extend the series in game 2 when they demolished Bren Esports through the help of Demonkite’s Karina, Exort’s Kadita, and Kousei’s Claude. In game 3, Pheww brought out a pocket pick – Bane. No doubt that Pheww’s performance in game 3 (7/3/6) put him as the MVP of the game as Bren Esports survived the raid of RSG Philippines. 
  • Match 2: ONIC vs OMG (0-2)
    • Both ONIC and Omega Esports were trying to increase their points to improve their chances of landing in rank 1 or 2 so they could start their playoffs run in the upper bracket. Game 1 was a push and pull game between the two teams, with both teams trying to split push their way to ending their opponent’s core. It was a long game that almost reached 31 minutes but Kelra was able to end game 1 through a push at the top side. For game 2, the total kills of both teams was only at 6 with ONIC Philippines at 2 kills and Omega Esports at 4 kills. Omega Esports played a clean game, barely losing any objectives, to sweep ONIC Philippines. Kelra won the MVP for both games for his performances on Claude and Bruno. 
  • Match 3: ECHO vs TNC (2-0)
    • Same with the other teams in the top 6, ECHO looked to increase their overall points to secure an upper bracket playoffs spot. ECHO vs TNC was painful to watch because ECHO managed to ravage their way into a clean 2-0 victory. Both games were landslide wins for the orcas. It seemed that ECHO outdrafted TNC in both games as TNC could not find a counter to ECHO drafts. 

With just the first two days of week 7, the top 6 teams for playoffs have been determined. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team will not be able to enter the playoffs anymore. Day 3 was supposed to be a banger with RSG Philippines versus Nexplay EVOS and the match everybody has been waiting for, Blacklist International versus ECHO since they are the top 2 teams in the league right now. Fans would have to wait a bit as MPL Philippines has yet to announce when the rescheduled matches would happen. 

Week 8 is here. Here are the upcoming matches for this week:

September 30, 2022

  • OMG vs BREN (5:00 PM)
  • ONIC vs TNC (7:30 PM)

October 1, 2022

  • ECHO vs RSG (2:30 PM)
  • BREN vs NXPE (5:00 PM)
  • TNC vs BLCK (7:30 PM)

October 2, 2022

  • NXPE vs ECHO (5:00 PM)
  • BLCK vs RSG (7:30 PM)

MPL Philippines is live on their official Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok channels every Friday to Sunday until October 2, 2022.

OneSnap Catalyst is the Back-to-Back FSL Wild Rift Open Champions

The supergirls of OneSnap Catalyst successfully defended their crown for the FSL Wild Rift Open after they defeated GrindSky Eris in a landslide victory of 3-0.

Female power has once again prevailed with the comeback of the FSL Wild Rift Open in its 4th season! The supergirls of OneSnap Catalyst successfully defended their crown last September 25, 2022, after they defeated GrindSky Eris in a landslide victory of 3-0. OneSnap Catalyst will take home 550 SGD + 5,000 Wild Core while GrindSky Eris will get 250 SGD + 3,000 Wild Cores.

Credits to One Snap Esports Facebook page

OneSnap Catalyst was formerly TSUAHAH last FSL Wild Rift Open III, and they did have a different support player back then. But who are the girls of OneSnap Catalyst? Most of them were actually part of the first batch of OneSnap Esports Wild Rift players, including Jonez, Den, and Im Rogi (or Rogue) while Neavis (or Jeeya) was from GrindSky Eris, the team that won the gold medal in the 2021 SEA Games for Wild Rift (Women’s). TSUAHAH’s support, Ayapi transferred to GrindSky Eris after Jeeya’s departure. Most of the girls from the first batch of OneSnap Esports team went on a competitive break to focus on their respective work. Now, they are back with their original organization, OneSnap Esports. Currently, OneSnap Esports has four Wild Rift teams. They have three (3) female teams (Amazons, Luna, & Catalyst) and one (1) men’s team (Genesis). Some of the OneSnap Catalyst girls were actually from Liyab Esports’ League of Legends PC Women’s Team – Liyab Haliya. Liyab Haliya included Den, Rogue, Jonez, and Jeeya. 

FSL Wild Rift Open IV Grand Finals Recap

Game 1

Credits to FSL Mobile Games Facebook page

Right off the bat, 1SE Catalyst banned Xin Zhao, Olaf, and Senna while OneSnap Catalyst banned OP champions Kassadin, Lucian, and Karma. 1SE Catalyst first picked Nasus for the support and immediately GS Eris picked Morgana for the jungle and Ashe for the DR Lane. 1SE Catalyst ended their first round picks with Garen and Kha’zix and GS picked Gragas. GS Eris banned Lux and Jayce to remove strong AP picks for 1SE Catalyst while 1SE Catalyst banned Zed and Renekton to halt any split pushing plays from GS Eris. GS Eris grabbed Nautilus and 1SE Catalyst finished their composition with Varus in the DR lane and Kayle in the mid lane. GS Eris picked a Riven for their BR lane to go up against the Garen.

GS Eris found the early lead with first blood and first tower but a clash in the mid lane around 7:50 allowed 1SE to comeback from their gold deficit. The final clash happened when the 3rd dragon showed up. Both of the teams were getting into position near the dragon pit when 1SE Den’s Kha’Zix flanked the backside of GS Eris and the entire 1SE team followed up to ace GS Eris and finish game 1 under 17 minutes.

Game 2

Credits to FSL Mobile Games Facebook page

Now on the blue side, GS Eris banned Nasus, Kayle, and Kha’Zix which were the lethal champions of 1SE from game 1. The scaling of these 3 champions proved too detrimental to the win of 1SE Catalyst in the first game. On the other hand, 1SE Catalyst kept their game 1 bans of Xin Zhao and Olaf while Karma was the other ban. With Kassadin free, GS Eris immediately picked it up. 1SE Catalyst answered back Lucian and Morgana picks. Seeing this, GS Eris locked in Zed and Shyvana while 1SE completed their first round of picks with Renekton. 1SE then banned Senna & Ashe against GS’ yoo ji min (or GS Yugen) and GS Eris banned 1SE Jeeya’s Braum and Nami. Naevis (or Jeeya) picked Nautilus shortly before GS Eris picked Samira and Gragas. Finally, 1SE picked Akali to go in the mid lane. 

An early 4 for 1 trade in the bottom lane resulted with 1SE Im Rogi’s Akali getting a triple kill and a 2,000 gold lead for 1SE Catalyst. GS Eris fired back with a clash in the river to get their Samira ahead with a triple kill. However, 1SE Catalyst’s teamfight was too strong against GS Eris. The aggression and rotation of both Im Rogi and Jonez was too much for them to handle. After two aces against GS Eris, 1SE Catalyst found the opportunity to claim match point against GS Eris.

Game 3

Credits to FSL Mobile Games Facebook page

1SE Catalyst was back on the blue side and they retained their blue side bans of Xin Zhao, Olaf, and Senna while GS Eris banned Karma, Nasus, and Kassadin. For game 3, 1SE Catalyst first picked Morgana. With Lucian open, GS Eris locked it right away together with Shyvana. 1SE Jonez picked her Garen while Im Rogi picked Akali again. GS Eris also picked Gragas for the crucial game 3. Since 1SE Catalyst still did not have a marksman, GS Eris banned Ashe and Varus. On the other hand, GS Eris still did not have support for Lucian, 1SE Catalyst banned Nami and Lulu. GS Eris picked up Galio for their diving composition while 1SE Catalyst got Ezreal and Nautilus. GS Eris locked in Janna for their final pick. 

At around 3:45, GS Eris tried to gank the DR lane of 1SE Catalyst but 1SE counter engaged and got a favorable 2 for 1 trade that put them in the early lead. 1SE Catalyst also got a double objective in the early game with the rift herald and contesting the ocean dragon take of GS Eris. Teamfight after the other, 1SE Catalyst would come out triumphant. In the final clash, GS Eris tried to engage the backline of 1SE Catalyst but the Akali and Morgana were also on the hunt for GS Eris’ backline. With the help of the untouchable Ezreal, 1SE Catalyst was able to ace GS Eris and take the back-to-back championships.

1SE Catalyst are the queens of teamfighting. They know exactly when to execute and where to position themselves. Even with their seasoned veterans in the team, GS Eris is still caught off guard by 1SE Catalyst’s strength. It was a well deserved win for OneSnap Catalyst!

There’s a lot to look forward to in the female competitive scene for Wild Rift, especially with the 2023 SEA Games coming up where it is once again a medal event. GrindSky Eris first won the gold medal for the 2021 SEA Games. More and more female teams will be vying for the national team position next year.

Valorant Esports Reveal 2023 VCT Teams

With the introduction of the new franchised format, Riot Games identified 30 teams as their “partner teams” to help take Valorant esports to its new era.

This year, Valorant presented the new format for the next year. They introduced three new Valorant International Leagues with 10 partnered teams each. With the introduction of the new franchised format, Riot Games identified 30 teams as their “partner teams” to help take Valorant esports to its new era. 

It was a competitive process that saw a multitude of  international esports organizations applying for a coveted spot. The selection was incredibly grueling as Riot Games made sure that they would be able to pick the best teams. The application included written applications, in-depth interviews, and financial reviews. Riot Games mentioned that competitive performance was not a key factor for consideration. They focused on the organization’s ability to provide the best experience for the fans of Valorant esports. 

Riot Games mentioned in the Valorant esports website the top 3 criteria that they considered in picking the final teams: 

  • Organizations who share our values of always putting fans first, celebrate our diverse community, and are committed to supporting pros
  • Organizations who have created a strong connection with fans through engaging content, a compelling brand, and an exciting roster
  • Organizations who build for the long-term, with a focus on sustainability

For teams who did not make the cut, they still have a chance to compete within the Valorant esports ecosystem through the different challenger leagues around the world and the new Ascension tournaments. 

Here are the teams that made the cut:

THE AMERICAS – Los Angeles

  1. Sentinels
  2. 100 Thieves
  3. Cloud 9
  4. NRG
  5. Evil Geniuses
  6. Furia
  7. Loud
  8. MIBR
  9. Krü Esports
  10. Leviatán

EMEA – Berlin

  1. Fnatic
  2. Team Liquid
  3. Team Vitality
  4. Karmine Corp
  5. Team Heretics
  6. Giants
  7. Navi
  8. Fut Esports
  9. BBL Esports
  10. Koi

Pacific – Seoul

  1. Zeta Division
  2. Detonation Gaming
  3. Gen.G
  4. T1
  5. DRX
  6. Team Secret
  7. Paper Rex
  8. Rex Regum Qeon
  9. Talon Esports
  10. Global Esports

There are notable teams that did not make the cut such as TSM, G2, and Xerxia but they will still have a chance to compete in other challenger leagues next year. Congratulations to all the teams that made the top 10 of their region. 

Valorant esports for 2023 is sure to be exciting!

Rainbow Six Mobile Now on Closed Beta

Popular FPS game Rainbow Six comes to mobile’s closed beta.

Renowned shooter game Rainbow Six previously announced its mobile counterpart. Last September 12, the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta was released on Google Play. It is a free-to-play, competitive, tactical, and team-based FPS game. The closed beta is currently exclusive to android users.

According to the Ubisoft website, Rainbow Six Mobile is the ultimate tactical shooter game, designed exclusively for mobile that allows players to:

  • Compete in Rainbow Six’s classic Attack vs. Defense game modes.
  • Play as an Attacker or Defender in fast-paced 5v5 matches and face intense close-quarter combat while making timely tactical decisions.
  • Collaborate as a team to set-up strategies and take full advantage of the destructible environments.
  • Choose from a roster of highly trained Operators, each with their own unique abilities and gadgets.

Ubisoft also listed down what players can expect in the closed beta. They added the first stage of the Operator Unlock and Progression system. There will be daily challenges, a ticket system to play and unlock operators, and a battle pass. There are also new graphical and gameplay improvements, social features like persistent teams, and a more streamlined menu flow.

Three iconic Rainbow Six maps are part of the closed beta: Bank, Border, and Clubhouse.

  • Bank: Located in the middle of a highly populated city, this heavily fortified bank will not be easy to infiltrate. Attackers will have difficulty to find the objective as the building is composed of several small and medium-sized rooms that can be easily reinforced by the Defenders.
  • Border: In this map, you’ll feel isolated in this deadly outpost set at the border of two countries. Completely surrounded by deserted mountains, this map is composed of old and new buildings and is filled with open areas. Moving around will be dangerous and must be calculated carefully as it is one of the most open and destructible maps.
  • Clubhouse: Every hour is happy hour in this biker gang clubhouse, a large map designed for strategic rotation and mobility. Sprawling throughout the building’s three floors are large, open rooms and plenty of destructible walls. The exterior is similarly vast and offers several interesting entry points for Attackers.

The following Attacking Operators are part of the closed beta:

  1. Ash
  2. Sledge
  3. Twitch
  4. Thermite
  5. Hibana
  6. Ying
  7. Glaz
  8. Thatcher
  9. Attacking Recruit

The following Defending Operators are part of the closed beta:

  1. Caveira
  2. Bandit
  3. Smoke
  4. Valkyrie
  5. Mute
  6. Rook
  7. Jäger
  8. Kapkan
  9. Defending Recruit

Android users can still register to get a chance to participate in the closed beta. It is only available in the following countries: Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, and India. Rainbow Six Mobile’s developer Ubisoft mentioned that testing for iOS users will come in the future.

MPL-PH S10 Week 6 Recap: Too Close for Comfort

ONIC Philippines reclaims the top spot from Blacklist International after week 6 of MPL-PH Season 10.

Another weekend has passed for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines and the Top 6 rankings have never been this close. A lot of people are saying that this is by far the most exciting and unpredictable MPL-PH season yet. After week 6, ONIC Philippines returned to the top of the team standings with 21 points followed by ECHO (20 points), Blacklist International (19 points), RSG Philippines (17 points), Omega Esports (17 points), Bren Esports (16 points), Nexplay EVOS (8 points), and TNC Pro Team (8 points).

Credits to MPL Philippines Facebook

Week 6 Day 1

  • Match 1: TNC vs RSG (1-2)
    • In a quest to salvage their season and find their way to playoffs, TNC scored an impressive game 1 win against RSG. However they fell short as RSG fought their way in game 2 to force a game 3 against TNC. In game 3, Demonkite unleashed the wrath of his Karina and got his very first savage in the MPL-PH to take the match against the Phoenixes.
  • Match 2: ECHO vs BREN (2-0)
    • Fans were anticipating the match up between Karltzy and Kyletzy however, in a bold move, Bren fielded Flaptzy to go up against his former comrade. In game 1, it was a really close fight but ECHO strategized a surprise backdoor play to end the game against Bren that caught them off guard while they were distracted in a Lord fight. In game 2, ECHO powered through Bren Esports with the help of Bennyqt’s Beatrix and completed their sweep.

Week 6 Day 2

  • Match 1: NXPE vs ONIC (0-2)
    • ONIC Philippines ended their losing streak with their match against Nexplay EVOS. They swept their opponents with ONIC’s rookies showing stellar performances and clean executions. ONIC’s Der and Nets stepped up in both game 1 and 2 to secure 3 points in this match.
  • Match 2: OMG vs ECHO (0-2)
    • The team of ECHO continued to shine with an impressive win against Omega Esports. Karltzy showed that he is still one of, if not the best jungler in the Philippines when he led ECHO to win against Omega. ECHO mounted a comeback in game 1 while ECHO dominated game 2 with Karltzy’s Julian.
  • Match 3: BREN vs BLCK (2-1)
    • Bren Esports bounced back from their loss against ECHO by breaking the code of Blacklist International. Kyletzy helped Bren to capture the game 1 victory while OhMyV33NUS’s Mathilda forced a decider between the two teams. In game 3, captain Pheww stepped up to secure Bren’s win.

Week 6 Day 3

  • Match 1: RSG vs ONIC (0-2)
    • ONIC Philippines became the first team to secure their spot in the playoffs when they swept the defending champions, RSG Philippines. For this match, ONIC’s Rapidoot and Sensui were the ones who showed off their skills and brought the raiders to a 0-2 win.
  • Match 2: OMG vs TNC (2-1)
    • It was a crucial match for TNC because they were on the brink of being out for playoff contention. They secured an important game 1 victory and lived to see another day for their playoff bid. However, Omega Esports fired back in game 2 and 3 for a reverse sweep with the help of KielVJ’s Lylia.

The standings for the Top 6 have been a game of musical chairs for the past weeks. This shows the extreme competitiveness of this MPL-PH season. ONIC Philippines impresses the world with their performance in their first ever MPL-PH season. Meanwhile, ECHO, under the new tutelage of Coach Tictac, continues to show a strong regular season performance with an 8-2 match win-loss. Blacklist International isn’t invincible anymore but they are still the strong force that intimidated the world. RSG Philippines still has a few quirks to fix to be able to defend their crown. Omega Esports need to find the perfect mix of players to bring them to the playoffs while Bren Esports continue to rise as the underdogs of this tournament. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team are still on the brink of not entering the playoffs. They need to improve their standings with only two weeks left of the regular season.

Week 7 is an exciting week as all games are crucial and every point counts. One mistake could affect the overall standings in a flash. MPL-PH Season 10 is live every Friday-Sunday on their official Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.