Aningning Graces the Globe GG Challenge of the Week

Aningning will be entering the Grounds soon. Fans can join Globe Gamer Grounds to be able to play with her on August 31, 8:00 PM!

Another ML:BB darling is coming to Globe Gamer Grounds. Aningning will be entering the Grounds soon. Fans can join Globe Gamer Grounds to be able to play with her on August 31, 8:00 PM! Register NOW and don’t miss this chance to play with Aningning. Registration is absolutely free. A total of 120,000 Ember Points equivalent to 15,000 PHP will be up for grabs.

Aningning will be playing the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Hunt Me Down) challenge! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Hunt Me Down) is a game mode where the Aningning will be using the Legend, Natalia, to hide from the players using her skills. Players will need to hunt down Natalia and the first person to kill her wins the match! All participants who manage to kill Natalia will get to walk away with awesome prizes! A maximum of 10 Winners will be awarded for this event. Anybody can join the fun!

Additionally, Aningning will be chatting with everyone on the Discord chat in the Member’s Hub Community Discord throughout the event of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Hunt Me Down)! Players better get ready to hunt down Aningning’s Natalia.

All participants are required to join the community Discord and be active in it! All communications will be via the community Discord:

The Prizes for this event are in Ember Points. Ember Points can be redeemed here:

More information below:

How this Works

  • Create a team for yourself on the Member’s Hub Platform and link your Mobile Legends account in your Account Settings.
  • Join the challenge before it closes and follow the event stream. The stream will be live before the event starts!
  • Head on to the community Discord for the check in at 7.30 PM GMT+8 and standby for any announcements.
  • Once you’ve checked-in, your name will be submitted into a random draw.
  • Wait to see if you’re selected – 5 lucky participants will be selected for every match.
  • If you’re selected, the admin will invite you to the lobby. So lookout for the announcement on the community Discord.
  • If you didn’t get selected, wait for the current match to be done, and you may be picked next. So follow the stream!
  • Get in on the action and get your chance to earn some sweet rewards!


  • Check In Time: 7.30 PM to 8.00 PM GMT+8 (Check In will be done in Member’s Hub community Discord. Claim your Roles at #roles-channel to view the Game Channel / Tournament Channel for event announcements).
  • Registration Close: 15 minutes before the start of the event @ 7.45 PM GMT+8.
  • Event Start Time : 8.00 PM GMT+8* (The matches will be run via Rolling Schedule).
  • All final details will be provided in the Member’s Hub community Discord Tournament channel.

Catch you on the Grounds!