5 Pokémon Champions to Expect in the Pokémon Unite Philippine Open

The Pokémon Unite Philippine Open extended its registration until August 4, 2022. Qualifiers will happen on August 6-7, 2022 while the playoffs and finals will be on August 12-13, 2022. The tournament has a 1,000,000 PHP prize pool.

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The qualifier rounds on August 6-7 will consist of two 32-team brackets per day. The top two (2) teams per pool will proceed to the Playoffs on August 12.

Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 game where two teams battle it out to see who can score the most points within the 10 minutes time period. It takes teamwork and strategy to score more points and prevent opponents from scoring points. It is a different type of 5v5 game that got a lot of players curious to try it out.

For the upcoming qualifiers, teams are expected to field their very best Pokémon starters. What Pokémons can we expect to see in the Pokémon Unite Philippine Open? Here are five Pokémons that would probably make the drafts:


Absol is a jungle speedster that can deal big physical damage to the opponent in close proximity. Absol has high burst damage and mobility. However, this Pokémon requires expert ability to be played correctly and it relies on its critical damage and its unite move to be untargetable. This means that the player has to carefully watch his positioning during the game to maximize Absol’s abilities.

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Blissey is a support melee with a special damage type. It is a Pokémon that heals its allies, empowers them, and cures them of different conditions depending on the player’s moveset build on Blissey. Blissey’s Unite Move “Bliss Assistance” grants an ally Pokémon a shield and increases its attack speed and special attack for a short time. Its passive ability is Natural Cure removes all status conditions from the Pokémon. Naturally, teams would want to have Blissey on their composition to ensure sustainability of all the other Pokémons.

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Greninja is a ranged attacker that uses smokescreens to strategically hide itself and then deal great attack damage to the opponents. Its mobility and stealth is perfect for jungling. Greninja’s skills rely heavily on the accuracy and precision of its skillshots. Also, Greninja users need to be careful until they reach their power spike at level 7. Before this, Greninja is very vulnerable.

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Hoopa is a ranged supporter with a special damage type. It is a complex Pokémon to play but if played strategically can help the team be healed in the battlefield and at the same time, deal damage to the opponents. Hoopa is very versatile with a strong laning potential. Its United Move is Rings Unbound. It increases the user’s max HP and creates a ring at a designated location. Each ally Pokémon can warp to the ring’s location.

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Last week, we mentioned that Pikachu is the very best starter Pokémon for anybody who is trying Pokémon Unite for the first time. Pikachu is also a very good Pokémon to play in the competitive scene because of his crowd control and huge damage. Pikachu is a ranged attacker that stuns and damages the opponent with electricity. This Pokémon has a wide attack range but tends to be very squishy.

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So what are you waiting for? Register now for the Pokémon Unite Philippine Open!